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Bushfield Camp was an army training camp functioning during WWII and also used to train recruits to the Green Jackets Brigade between 1961-64. It was also used to train National Servicemen in the 1950s who subsequently went to Malaya or Germany.

A National Serviceman tells me that he spent three months at the camp training from July 1949. At that time the camp was jointly run by the Rifle Brigade and the King's Royal Rifle Corps, both of these regiments subsequently becoming part of the Royal Green Jackets. The internet is strangely silent about the history of Bushfield Camp. It is totally derelict today. The area is the subject of an ongoing debate as to its future.

The camp was the home of The Green Jackets Brigade from 1958 while Peninsula Barracks, Romsey Road was being refurbished. Peninsula Barracks was known as The Rifle Depot once The RGJ was formed in Jan 1966.

Information from Paul Cheall:
To add a bit of history about the camp during WW2, people may be interested to read this extract from my Dad's war memoirs: "The first week in April 1944 found us at a new campsite, Bushfield Camp, two miles outside of Winchester. We certainly got around in the army. I recall we were under canvas and luckily it was good weather. In the field adjoining ours, there were some American soldiers who appeared to be from a different planet. Their attitude seemed to be so easy-going and casual. No bell tents for them, but good square tents with three-feet walls holding about a dozen soldiers. We had six to a tent. The smell from their kitchens was fantastic; they even had doughnuts for afters. We had rice pudding most times. I didnít think they looked as fit as we were and they appeared to be casual in their movements. But they were very well equipped and I was sure that they would give a good account of themselves when the time for action came. They were our allies and it was hoped that we could learn from one another. They were very good-natured and always greeted us as friends. Being the first US soldiers we had come across, we were certain to get along well Ė they were OK. We were taking it easy at Bushfield Camp as everything was so relaxed. They must have thought we needed a rest!" Fighting Through - a war diary by Bill Cheall LinkExternal link

Extract from a memoir by Ronald Frederick Gurdin who went to Bushfield in 1948:
"At 18 years of age I was called to do two years in the army. This was called conscription. I had applied for the Royal Engineers but until I arrived at a camp in Winchester I didn't realise I was to join either the Rifle Brigade or the King's Royal Rifle Corps. Both are known as the Royal Green Jackets. So I picked the King's Royal Rifle Corps and embarked on ten weeks training. After the training was over, my squad was taken to our depot, which was two miles from the training camp, where we stayed for a while. One morning we were lined up and told that we were to go on a fortnight's leave, and on returning we would be off to Dusseldorf in Germany, but alas this was not to be for me. I had instead to go to a place called Great Malvern in Worcestershire to start a trade course."

Extract from a list compiled by Lt Col J D Von Merveldt, December 1985:-

"Commanding Officers: 1st Btn KORRC Green Jacket Brigade training btn
1948 Barton Stacey/Winchester: Lt Col C T Mitford-Slade KRRC
      A coy: Major J A Powell MC KORR
      B coy: Major C R Scott MC KORR
      C coy Major R F L Chance MC KORR
1949 Bushfield/Winchester: Lt Col C T Mitford-Slade KRRC
      A coy: Major J F C Mellor DSO KRRC
      B coy Major J M White OBE KRRC
      C coy Major the Hon M C C Charteris OBE KRCC
1950 Bushfield/Winchester: Lt Col C T Mitford-Slade KRRC
      A coy: Major J F C Mellor DSO KRRC
      B coy: Major J M White OBE KRRC
      C coy: Major J A Hunter DSO MBE MC KORR
From 1951 to 1960 the barracks were known as the 'upper barracks, Winchester'.
Bushfield barracks closed in 1965 when the KORRC became the Royal Green Jackets and moved to the Peninsula Barracks in Winchester."
by Peter Facey
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