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M6 Motorway

The M6 motorway runs from junction 19 of the M1 at the Catthorpe Interchange, near Rugby to the Gretna junction (J45). Here it becomes the A74(M) and M74 which continues to Glasgow.

The M6 is the longest motorway in the United Kingdom (232 miles) and one of the busiest. It incorporates the first length of motorway opened in the UK (the Preston bypass in 1958) and forms part of a motorway "Backbone of Britain", running north-south between London and Glasgow via the industrial north of England. It is also part of the east-west route between the Midlands and the east coast ports.
by N Chadwick

Created: Wed, 5 Oct 2011, Updated: Mon, 14 Aug 2023

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SD4854 : Junction 33, M6 by N Chadwick
SP0990 : Spaghetti junction by N Chadwick
SD4966 : Northbound M6 near Halton by David Dixon
SJ8539 : M6 looking south near junction 15 by Jonathan Hutchins
SJ7468 : Northbound M6, Byley Lane Bridge by David Dixon
SD5170 : M6 Motorway by Peter McDermott
SO9998 : M6, Junction 10 overbridges by N Chadwick
SP2485 : Northbound M6 by David Dixon
SJ8923 : Aston Bank Bridge, M6 by N Chadwick
SD4966 : M6, southbound by N Chadwick
SD4964 : Construction of a new road from M6 J34 to Morecambe by David Smith
NY6105 : Southbound M6 near Tebay by David Dixon
NY4158 : B6264 Bridge, M6 by N Chadwick
SJ7080 : M6 Northbound, Hollowood by David Dixon
SD4959 : Footbridge over M6 near Scotforth by David Dixon
SD5418 : M6 Southbound, Dawber's Lane Bridge by David Dixon
NY5518 : Shap Beck looking north by Stephen Craven
SO9996 : M6, Junction 9 by N Chadwick
SD6297 : M6 Motorway by Peter McDermott
SD4856 : M6, southbound by N Chadwick
SD5830 : M6 road bridge by DS Pugh
SJ9603 : M54 / M6 merge by N Chadwick
SP1888 : M6 heading south towards Junction 4 by J.Hannan-Briggs
SJ7377 : Approaching Knutsford Services, M6 by N Chadwick
SD5585 : Bridge over the M6 by David Dixon

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