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Once part of the Brereton Hall Estate, this area was planted with Scots Pine trees in the 19th century- which were then felled during the First World War to provide pit-props for the mining industry. Some of these remain and there have been some new ones planted as a reminder of the past. After this the area began to be taken over by Silver Birch and a gamekeeper was employed by the estate to rear game birds for sport.
In 1959 silica sand was discovered and a quarry was opened, at one point extracting up to 500 tonnes per day for use in the production of glass and making casting moulds for the metal industry. The quarry was abandoned in 1972 after the sand ran out, filling with water and making the present lake, and the site was then purchased in 1982 by Congleton Borough Council for the creation of a country park.
2004 saw the country park being designated as a Local Nature Reserve, and is now managed for the benefit of both wildlife and members of the public.
In 2009 Congleton Borough Council merged with Cheshire East County Council who now, along with a group of volunteers, manage the site. Also in 2009 Brereton Heath was awarded a Green Flag Award, which was earned again in 2010.
There is a varied landscape on the site, with a lake, woodland, meadowland and rare lowland heath. This variety in the landscape also produces a wonderfully varied flora and fauna. There is also a very good visitor centre with toilets, and excellent disabled access including the ‘Brimstone Trail’ going through the woods and circling the lake. This trail is completely ‘wheelchair and buggy friendly’.
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by Jonathan Kington

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SJ7965 : Lowland Heath by Jonathan Kington
SJ7965 : The Northern end of Brereton Heath lake by Jonathan Kington
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SJ7965 : Patterned Oak trunk by Jonathan Kington
SJ7964 : Flower of the Pencilled Cranesbill (Geranium versicolor) by Jonathan Kington
SJ7965 : The Compleat Angler (after Izaak Walton) by Jonathan Kington
SJ7965 : Living Arch by Jonathan Kington
SJ7965 : Start of the Brimstone Trail by Jonathan Kington
SJ7965 : Removing saplings by Jonathan Kington
SJ7965 : Don't say you weren't warned! by Jonathan Kington
SJ7965 : Common Centaury (Centaurium erythraea) by Jonathan Kington
SJ7965 : Looking down the bridle path by Jonathan Kington
SJ7965 : Eroded bridle path by Jonathan Kington
SJ7964 : Deformed Foxglove by Jonathan Kington
SJ7964 : Totem Pole by Jonathan Kington

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