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Almshouses are charitable housing provided to enable people (typically elderly people who can no longer work to earn enough to pay rent) to live in a particular community. They are often targeted at the poor of a locality, at those from certain forms of previous employment, or their widows, and are generally maintained by a charity or the trustees of a bequest.
Alms are, money or services donated to support the poor and indigent. Almshouses were established from the 10th century in Britain, to provide a place of residence for poor, old and distressed folk. The first recorded almshouse was founded in York by King Athelstan; the oldest still in existence is the Hospital of St. Cross in Winchester, dating to about 1132. In the Middle Ages, the majority of European hospitals functioned as almshouses.
An incomplete list of British Almshouses can be found at LinkExternal link
by N Chadwick
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TL4557 : Royal Albert Almshouse by N Chadwick
SX4158 : Dedication stone, Buller Almshouses by N Chadwick
TQ5446 : The Square by N Chadwick
SX4854 : Lanyons Almshouses by N Chadwick
TQ1740 : Webb Almshouses by N Chadwick
TF0920 : Alms house Quadrangle by Bob Harvey
TQ5446 : Southdown House, The Square by N Chadwick
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TQ5446 : Southdown House by N Chadwick
TQ5446 : Southdown House by N Chadwick
SO7137 : St Katherine's Hospital and Almshouses by N Chadwick
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TQ3570 : The Royal Waterman's and Lighterman's Asylum by N Chadwick
SU8347 : Windsor Almshouses by N Chadwick
TL4558 : King Street Almshouses by N Chadwick
TQ3373 : Christís Chapel of Godís Gift, Dulwich by Robin Drayton
TL8279 : Cottage Homes, Elveden by N Chadwick
TR0161 : Almshouses, South St by N Chadwick
TL4558 : King Street Almshouses by N Chadwick
TL4557 : Royal Albert Homes by N Chadwick
TQ5446 : Almshouses by N Chadwick

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