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Chapter 4, pages 53-61: The Cheviot - early Devonian rocks , granite and basement.
A field excursion in Northumbrian Rocks & Landscape: a Field Guide.
Colin Scruton Ed.(1995)
Yorkshire Geological Society

Granite rock formed from a massive magma intrusion at the centre of the Cheviot area of volcanism. Overlying lavas were eroded away from the central region leaving the granite core. Surrounding this is a metamorphic aureole where intense heat altered the andesite rock, in places making it more resistant to weathering or more friable.
by Andrew Curtis
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NT9625 : Rock outcrop by Carey Burn by Andrew Curtis
NT9421 : Harthope Burn at Cat Loup by Andrew Curtis
NT9725 : Valley of Carey Burn by Andrew Curtis
NT9625 : Rocks by the Carey Burn by Andrew Curtis
NT9718 : Cunyan Crags from the south-east by Andrew Curtis
NT9422 : Interesting geology by the Hawsen Burn by Andrew Curtis
NT9625 : Careyburn Linn from below by Andrew Curtis
NT9220 : Harthope Linn below Hedgehope Hill by Andrew Curtis
NT9422 : Rock outcrop by Hawsen Burn by Andrew Curtis
NT9522 : Hawsen Burn (below the ford) by Andrew Curtis

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