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Isle of Wight Steam Railway

There was once a network of railway lines serving the Isle of Wight. Almost all were closed down in the 1950s and 1960s, leaving just one remaining line linking Ryde Pier with Shanklin.

The Isle of Wight Steam Railway is a "heritage" railway run by volunteers, which has restored services to section of line between Wootton and Smallbrook. At Smallbrook the line ends at a specially-built station, where passengers can interchange with the Ryde to Shanklin train service.

More information about the Isle of Wight Steam Railway is here: LinkExternal link
by Malc McDonald

Created: Mon, 7 May 2012, Updated: Mon, 7 May 2012

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SZ5589 : Buses and coaches section of the Isle of Wight Steam Railway free car park, Havenstreet by Jaggery
SZ5589 : Havenstreet Station by Paul Gillett
SZ5589 : Train Story at Havenstreet Station by PAUL FARMER
SZ5391 : Train approaching the station by DS Pugh
SZ5391 : Illusion shattered at Wootton railway station by Jaggery
SZ5589 : Coach Repairs by Gerald England
SZ5990 : Alight here for Steam Railway, Smallbrook Junction by Jaggery
SZ5391 : Platform at Wootton by Paul Gillett
SZ5391 : Colourful entrance to the waiting room at Wootton railway station by Jaggery
SZ5391 : Train approaches Wootton Station by DS Pugh
SZ5391 : Preparing for departure by DS Pugh
SZ5990 : Emergency telephone and No Smoking sign on  Smallbrook Junction railway station by Jaggery
SZ5391 : Reversing past the train at Wootton station by Jaggery
SZ5391 : Picnic area near Wootton Station by DS Pugh
SZ5990 : Track from Smallbrook station by Paul Gillett
SZ5589 : Welcome to the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, Havenstreet by Jaggery
SZ5391 : Running around its train by DS Pugh
SZ5391 : Wootton Station Sign by PAUL FARMER
SZ5788 : Ashey railway station, Isle of Wight Steam Railway by Jaggery
SZ5391 : Train at Wootton by DS Pugh
SZ5589 : Southern Railway Booking Office sign, Havenstreet by Jaggery
SZ5391 : Train and guard at Wootton  railway station by Jaggery
SZ5589 : Yellow and green building at the entrance to Havenstreet railway station by Jaggery
SZ5589 : Haven Falconry banner, Havenstreet by Jaggery
SZ5589 : Railway bridge at Havenstreet by Malc McDonald

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