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Newton Stewart Walking Festival 2012

The annual WalkFest based in Newton Stewart offers a wide range of 28 walks in South West Scotland from moderate to very strenuous over seven days in May. All pictures tagged with this shared description were taken on Walk 2-5 Corsewall Coastal Route on Saturday 12th May 2012, described in the events programme as a 13km (8 Mile) walk with about 250 metres of ascent and moderate plus difficulty.

The walk started at Cairnside (NW9870), going clockwise and following the ups and downs of the coast line past Corsewall Point (NW9772), Milleur Point (NX0173) and Lady Bay (NX0271). Then leaving the coast at Jamiesonís Point (NX0370) past Clachans (NX0270) to finish in the village of Kirkholm (NX0368).

Having completed the walk from 10.00am to 17.15pm I can honestly say that it was a challenging walk with great weather and only an occasional short shower. I suspect we travelled a bit further than 8 miles and that the walk was probably at the strenuous minus level, but it was a cracking day out with views over the North Channel and Ailsa Craig for most of the day. LinkExternal link
by Andy Farrington

Created: Sat, 12 May 2012, Updated: Tue, 15 May 2012

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NW9771 : Cattle Pens by Andy Farrington
NX0272 : South of Mc Meckan's Rocks by Andy Farrington
NX0370 : Walking off Clachan Hill by Andy Farrington
NW9870 : Cairnside Farm by Andy Farrington
NX0073 : North Rhinns Coast by Andy Farrington
NX0370 : View from Clachan Hill by Andy Farrington
NW9771 : Track to Braid Port by Andy Farrington
NX0072 : Follow the Old Stane Wall by Andy Farrington
NW9770 : View to Drumarnacken by Andy Farrington
NX0371 : Jamieson's Point by Andy Farrington
NX0368 : Big Kirk Hill by Andy Farrington
NW9771 : Path by Bloody Rock by Andy Farrington
NX0371 : Mixed Dwellings by Andy Farrington
NX0073 : Dove by Andy Farrington
NX0073 : Fort and Inlet by Andy Farrington
NW9972 : What comes down, must go up by Andy Farrington
NX0073 : Dulslouch by Andy Farrington
NW9972 : Kinkhoast Well by Andy Farrington
NX0369 : Track through Brae Face Plantation by Andy Farrington
NX0370 : Track to Portbeg by Andy Farrington
NW9872 : Portaclearys by Andy Farrington
NX0370 : Clachan Hill by Andy Farrington
NX0272 : The Beef Barrel by Andy Farrington
NX0173 : Long wall and long view by Andy Farrington
NW9770 : Sail on by by Andy Farrington

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