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Petworth, formerly known as Leconfield, is a major country estate on the outskirts of Petworth, itself a town created to serve the house. Described by English Heritage as "the most important residence in the County of Sussex", there was a manorial house here from 1309, but the present buildings were built for the Dukes of Somerset from the late 17th century, the park being landscaped by "Capability" Brown. They are now managed by the National Trust. The house contains a fine collection of paintings and sculptures.

The house itself is grade I listed (List Entry Number 1225989) and the park as a historic park (1000162). Several individual features in the park are also listed.
by Stephen Craven
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SU9721 : Petworth House: west face by Stephen Craven
SU9722 : Petworth Park: cock pheasant  by Stephen Craven
SU9622 : Upper Pond by DS Pugh
SU9721 : Archaeological dig - Petworth House by Paul Gillett
SU9721 : Petworth Park: below the dam by Stephen Craven
SU9722 : Log beside the path by DS Pugh
SU9721 : Canada Geese by Upper Pond by Paul Gillett
SU9722 : Petworth Park: Wellingtonia by Stephen Craven
SU9721 : West front, Petworth House by Christopher Hilton
SU9722 : Clumps of trees in Petworth Park by DS Pugh
SU9523 : Folly at Peworth by DS Pugh
SU9721 : Edge of Upper Pond by DS Pugh
SU9721 : Servants Quarters, Petworth House by Paul Gillett
SU9622 : Petworth Park: Upper Pond by Stephen Craven
SU9722 : Petworth Park by Paul Gillett
SU9623 : Deer near the path by DS Pugh
SU9621 : Tillington Church by DS Pugh
SU9722 : Petworth Park: view towards the house from above the boathouse by Christopher Hilton
SU9721 : Island in Upper Pond by DS Pugh
SU9522 : Steps into Petworth Park by DS Pugh
SU9721 : Upper Pond, Petworth by Paul Gillett
SU9721 : Petworth House from the north by Rob Farrow
SU9623 : Lower Pond by DS Pugh
SU9522 : Path in Petworth Park by DS Pugh
SU9623 : Petworth Park path by DS Pugh

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