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HST (High Speed Train) 125 trains

Written by Brian Robert Marshall

The HST 125 Inter-City trains had their genesis in the 1960s and, following trials, they came into service in 1976. They are diesel-electric and benefit from a high power-to-weight ratio meaning they can accelerate rapidly to their designed top speed of 125 mph (201 kph). They have been designed to be omni-directional so they don't need to be turned round at the end of each journey. There are driver's cabs and sets of red and white lights at each end. Replacements are on the horizon after almost 40 years and millions of miles but the timescale is uncertain not least because, on 26 February 2010, Transport Secretary Lord Adonis announced that an assessment of the multi-billion pound, 30-year procurement plan had been ordered. If the review is ultimately favourable, the likely replacement will be the Japanese Hitachi Super Express. Following withdrawal of the Class 180 'Adelante' after a brief period HST 125s will continue to be a regular feature on the railways for some time to come.
Update March 2015: see LinkExternal link
update July 2018: the Hitachi Class 802 train sets are now in service, for the moment alongside the HST 125. Because the electrication programme has been truncated so that some lines due to be electrified now won't be for the foreseeable future these Hitachis will be 'bi-mode'. More here LinkExternal link
Update May 2019: no more HST 125s in the West Country LinkExternal link
by Brian Robert Marshall

Created: Fri, 19 Feb 2010, Updated: Fri, 31 May 2019

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SU2163 : 'Up' First Great Western High Speed Train, north of Ram Alley, Wiltshire by Brian Robert Marshall
TL1899 : Classification panel by Bob Harvey
SU2790 : Small field, Longcot by Brian Robert Marshall
SU1484 : High Speed Train 125 (HST 125) power car 43002 Sir Kenneth Grange, 'Steam' museum, Swindon by Brian Robert Marshall
SE5443 : HSTs at Colton Junction - May 2017 (5) by The Carlisle Kid
SU2487 : Lineside infrastructure, Great Western main line, Shrivenham by Brian Robert Marshall
SU0390 : HST 125 (High Speed Train) going north-west near Minety by Brian Robert Marshall
TL1899 : HST power car 43305 by Bob Harvey
SU1385 : Train to Gloucester and Cheltenham by Brian Robert Marshall
SU6079 : High Speed Train heading to London, Lower Basildon by Brian Robert Marshall
NT1380 : HST North Queensferry by Albert Bridge
SU3867 : HST 125 Intercity en route for the West Country by Brian Robert Marshall
SU3468 : Platform 1 Hungerford railway station by anonymous1000
SE5443 : HSTs at Colton Junction - May 2017 (1) by The Carlisle Kid
NY7764 : VTEC diversions - 16 September 2017 (4) by The Carlisle Kid
SK4931 : Train at Trentlock by The Carlisle Kid
SU0056 : Main line to the south-west of England, near Lavington Sands by Brian Robert Marshall
NN6384 : Train at Dalwhinnie station by The Carlisle Kid
SE5951 : NMT departing York by DS Pugh
TQ2681 : HSTs at Paddington by The Carlisle Kid
SX8671 : High Speed Train entering Newton Abbot station by Malc McDonald
NY4254 : VTEC diversions - 16 September 2016 (1) by The Carlisle Kid
SU1484 : HST125 on the Paddington to the West Country railway, Swindon by Brian Robert Marshall
SE5951 : 43484 in York station (2) by The Carlisle Kid
SE5951 : 43484 in York station (1) by The Carlisle Kid

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