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The mausoleum is built into the eastern boundary wall of the kirkyard of the old Alexandia Parish Church. A description is given in Donald MacLeod's "Historic Families ... of the Lennox" (1891):

"The building is a fine specimen of floriated Gothic. The centre of the edifice rises with a cross-surmounted pediment to a height of about 25 feet. Under the finial there is engraven the family shield, with its arms: 'az. a bend or, between a lion rampant, ppr., holding in his paw a banner, arg., and a bugle horn, also ppr. Crest an oak tree, ppr. Motto Viresco.'"

"The shield is enclosed within a partly open circle, the innermost member of which is of cable pattern. The building has two wings extending right and left from the central pediment, the length of the whole edifice being about 20 feet, and its depth about 10 feet. On each side, the door is decorated with dogs' tooth and other ornamentation. ..."

"On the east wall of the mausoleum there are placed three white marble tablets, each containing one of following three inscriptions:

▪ 'John Rouet Smollett, Rear-admiral of the Red, born 9th May, 1767; died 16th May, 1842, in the 75th year of his age',

▪ 'Elizabeth, daughter of the Hon. Patrick Boyle, wife of Admiral J.R.Smollett, born 23rd October, 1767; died 6th August, 1858, in her 91st year',

▪ 'Alexander Smollett of Bonhill, born 29th Nov., 1801; died on 25th February, 1881, aged 79 years.'"
by Lairich Rig
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NS3979 : Smollett Mausoleum: carved head by Lairich Rig
NS3979 : Smollett Mausoleum: shield detail by Lairich Rig
NS3979 : The Smollett Mausoleum by Lairich Rig
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NS3979 : Smollett Mausoleum: carved heads by Lairich Rig
NS3979 : The Smollett Mausoleum by Lairich Rig

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