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This is one of the few remaining family-run businesses still running a traditional local bus service. These disappeared either through the general decline in bus usage or from competition following deregulation and privatisation in the mid 1980s.
The main service has always been between Bourne and Peterborough via the Deepings. For many years an hourly frequency was operated, but with the expansion of housing, particularly in the Deepings, and improvements to the road network in Peterborough which allowed shorter journey times, there are currently (2018) two journeys an hour between Bourne and Peterborough, one of which extends to Morton. An additional hourly journey operates between the Deepings and Peterborough. The fact that the majority of the fleet are double-deck buses is an indication that levels of patronage are still high. Current fares levels are very competitive with the cost of parking in the centre of Peterborough.
Unlike many other small operators, Delaine Buses have not relied on second-hand buses no longer in the prime of condition, but have pursued a policy of purchasing new vehicles whenever possible. Once bought, the fleet has always been maintained to high standards. A good example of this is that not only are the most recent vehicles fitted with CCTV (now a normal part of the specification of any new buses), but older buses have been retrofitted too.
A trip on the top of a Delaine bus covers a variety of landscapes including the modern new-town development of Peterborough, the wide-open fenland landscape and the attractive stone-built towns and villages of south Lincolnshire.
A selection of views along the Morton to Peterborough route can be seen here. On these I have used the phrase 'With the Delaine', rather than simply 'With Delaine'. This may seem a bit odd, but until just a few years ago, the words 'The Delaine' in scroll letters were traditionally carried on the side of the buses. This seems to have stuck in common parlance, even though it was never part of the formal company name. It was certainly applied to buses purchased since 2000, although it does not appear on the newest ones.
by Alan Murray-Rust
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TF0923 : Morton Rally by Bob Harvey
TF0923 : With the Delaine to Peterborough - Morton Church by Alan Murray-Rust
TF1506 : Delaine bus on Lincoln Road near Glinton by Paul Bryan
TF1405 : Delaine bus near Helpston by Paul Bryan
TF0920 : The Delaine by Bob Harvey
TF1504 : With the Delaine to Peterborough - south of Glinton by Alan Murray-Rust
TF0920 : Bourne institutions by Bob Harvey
TL1898 : Delaine bus at the Queensgate bus station, Peterborough by Paul Bryan
TL1898 : Delaine bus at the bus station by Bob Harvey
TF0920 : Institutions by Bob Harvey
TF0920 : Delaine's old bus by Bob Harvey
TF0306 : Delaine bus, Water Street, Stamford by Alan Murray-Rust
TF0923 : With the Delaine to Peterborough - Morton High Street by Alan Murray-Rust
TF0920 : Waiting its turn by Bob Harvey
TL1898 : Delaine bus at the Queensgate bus station, Peterborough by Paul Bryan
TF0605 : Triple communications at Pilsgate by Alan Murray-Rust
TF0920 : Inside Delaine's No.45 by Bob Harvey
TF0616 : A Delaine bus by Bob Harvey
TF0920 : Commercial interests by Bob Harvey
TF1505 : Delaine bus on Lincoln Road, Glinton by Paul Bryan
TF0207 : A Delaine Bus by Bob Harvey
TF1507 : Delaine bus at Nine Bridges by Paul Bryan
TL1898 : Delaine bus at the Queensgate bus station, Peterborough by Paul Bryan
TF1310 : With the Delaine to Peterborough - Market Deeping by Alan Murray-Rust
TF0922 : With the Delaine to Peterborough - Dyke turn by Alan Murray-Rust

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