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This timber pedestrian bridge was erected in 1827 in the fashionable Chinese style by James Gallier (formerly Gallagher) who later became a prominent architect in New Orleans. At one time the bridge was thought, like traditional Chinese bridges, to have been constructed without nails, but this is unlikely to have been the case. Although the abutments are original, the timber structure is not. The original was severely decayed by the mid 20th century and replaced with a replica in 1960. The replacement was clearly no better, lasting only 50 years before being itself replaced in February 2010. The bridge has the higher level Grade II* listing, recognising its original worth, and this explains why replacements have been exact replicas; they are deemed to be restoration.
by Alan Murray-Rust
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TL2470 : Viewing the floods  by Alan Murray-Rust
TL2470 : The Chinese Bridge  by Alan Murray-Rust
TL2470 : Godmanchester Mill Lade  by Alan Murray-Rust
TL2470 : Slipway at The Causeway  by Alan Murray-Rust
TL2470 : Chinese Bridge, Godmanchester by Jim Osley

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