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In around 1999, the Ordnance Survey replaced English-language placenames in the Western Isles with Gaelic-language names. Some of the more prominent features (e.g. Isle of Barra; Stornoway; Sound of Harris) do have bilingual labels but, on the whole, villages, lochs, peaks etc. generally have the Gaelic names on the modern-day mapping.

Because the English versions have a tendency not to appear on the maps any more, I have decided to use them in my image titles and, as such, a translation will be readily available from the Gaelic labelling on the map.

(NB I have not translated some of the more minor loch and river names, where I have not easily found the English version.)
by Chris Downer
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NF7321 : Daliburgh: fields alongside Loch Hallan by Chris Downer
NB1104 : Bunavoneadar: the tennis courts by Chris Downer
NB3526 : Leurbost: the A859 heads south by Chris Downer
NG1292 : Stockinish: the Bays Centre by Chris Downer
NB2133 : Callanish: the stones from the north end by Chris Downer
NG1793 : Scadabay: the Golden Road heads west by Chris Downer
NF7107 : Eoligarry: beach by the harbour by Chris Downer
NF9992 : Scarista: dunes to Ceapabhal by Chris Downer
NF7973 : Malaclete: Struan Cottage by Chris Downer
NF7272 : Baleloch: postbox № HS6 11 by Chris Downer
NF9281 : Berneray: the post office by Chris Downer
NF8463 : Locheport: view north across the loch by Chris Downer
NF7006 : Eoligarry: postbox № HS9 15 by Chris Downer
NL6697 : Castlebay: Kisimul Castle courtyard by Chris Downer
NB5737 : Tiumpan Head: a southward view by Chris Downer
NF7919 : Lochboisdale: the Postbus outside the post office by Chris Downer
NF7755 : Balivanich: postbox № HS7 46, Winfield Close by Chris Downer
NF7948 : Creagorry: postbox № HS7 53 by Chris Downer
NF7919 : Lochboisdale: Bàgh Dubh by Chris Downer
NF7810 : Eriskay: the ferry terminal by Chris Downer
NF9283 : Berneray: trig point on Ben Shleibhe by Chris Downer
NB4232 : Stornoway: postbox № HS1 175 by Chris Downer
NG2196 : Scalpay: the village from across the Sound of Scalpay by Chris Downer
NB1634 : Great Bernera: postbox № HS2 82 and a ruined croft house by Chris Downer
NF7520 : Strome: postbox № HS8 51 by Chris Downer

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