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Coal Tax Posts

Coal Tax Posts were markers defining the area within which the Corporation of London could charge duty on coal entering the area. This area had been expanded in 1851 but then reduced in 1861 to coincide with the Metropolitan Police District of the day, the limits of which were between about 20 km and 30km from Charing Cross. It is from this latter time that most of the existing posts date. See LinkExternal link for further background, with much more comprehensive information at Martin Nail's excellent site, LinkExternal link. This includes a full list of extant posts, at LinkExternal link.
by Ian Capper

Created: Fri, 12 Mar 2010, Updated: Tue, 18 May 2010

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TQ1464 : Coal Tax Post no 107 by Ian Capper
TQ2255 : The Rise, Deans Lane by Ian Capper
TQ1461 : Warren Lane by Hugh Craddock
TQ3961 : Coal tax post,  King Henry's Drive by Stephen Craven
TQ4360 : Coal Tax Post no 189 by Ian Capper
TQ2352 : North Downs Way near Reigate by Malc McDonald
TQ3256 : Stites Hill Road by Ian Capper
TQ1861 : Alongside Christ Church Road by Ian Capper
TQ2352 : Coal Tax Post no 151 by Ian Capper
TQ2353 : Coal Tax Post no 144 by Ian Capper
TQ2257 : Coal Tax Post no 133 by Ian Capper
TQ3659 : Coal tax post, Warlingham by Malc McDonald
TQ2857 : Coulsdon Lane by Ian Capper
TQ2757 : Outwood Lane by Ian Capper
TQ2352 : Path junction by Ian Capper
TQ2157 : Coal Tax Post no 128 by Ian Capper
TQ4563 : Coal Tax Post no 194 by Ian Capper
TQ2353 : Coal tax post, Banstead Heath by Malc McDonald
TQ5068 : Coal Tax Post no 206 by Ian Capper
TQ2354 : Coal Tax Post no 141 by Ian Capper
TL1803 : Coal Tax Post no 37 by Ian Capper
TQ2257 : Coal Tax Post no 129 by Ian Capper
TQ2157 : Path near Langley Vale by Ian Capper
TQ5065 : Coal Tax Post no 201 by Ian Capper
TQ1860 : Woodcock Corner by Ian Capper

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