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After the co-operative activist George Jacob Holyoake died in 1906, the Co-operative Movement decided to commemorate him by building a permanent headquarters for the Co-operative Union. It was erected in 1911 on Hanover Street (also home to SJ8498 : CWS Hanover Building) and named Holyoake House. A plaque was erected outside the building dedicating the building to Holyoake's memory.

The building was extended in the 1930s, and the Training Centre on the top floor was destroyed by an incendiary bomb in the Manchester Blitz of 1940. It is a Grade II Listed Building (LinkExternal link British Listed Buildings)
by David Dixon
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SJ8498 : Holyoake Memorial Plaque by David Dixon
SJ8498 : The Co-Operative Union Limited, Holyoake House by David Dixon
SJ8498 : Holyoake House by Gerald England
SJ8498 : Holyoake House, Hanover Street by David Dixon
SJ8498 : Holyoake House, Hanover Street by David Dixon
SJ8498 : Plaque to George Jacob Holyoake by Gerald England

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