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Manchester Airport lies approximately 8½ miles to the south west of Manchester city centre. It is the largest, and busiest, airport in the UK outside the London area. The airport comprises three terminals and a goods terminal and provides flights to over 200 destinations. It is the only British airport other than London Heathrow to operate two runways over 3,000 m (9,843 ft) in length.

The airport officially opened (as Ringway Airport) in 1938. During the war, it was called RAF Ringway and, between 1975 and 1986, Manchester International Airport. It is owned and managed by the Manchester Airports Group (MAG) which is a holding company owned by the ten metropolitan borough councils of Greater Manchester. The airport has good transport links and is served by the M56 motorway and by Manchester Airport railway station which provides extensive rail connections. The Metrolink tramway extension opened in November 2014, providing a tram link between the airport and the city centre.
by David Dixon
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SJ8184 : Airborne by David Dixon
SJ8185 : Gates at Terminal 1 by DS Pugh
SJ8285 : Assistance at Manchester Airport by Gerald England
SJ8184 : Airside at Manchester Airport by Thomas Nugent
SJ8184 : Boeing 737 at Manchester Airport by David Dixon
SJ8184 : Hawker Siddeley Trident 3 (G-AWZK), Manchester Airport Runway Park by David Dixon
SJ8284 : Manchester Airport by Gerald England
SJ8284 : Domestic Approach, Outside Terminal 3 by David Dixon
SJ8184 : Airside at Manchester Airport by Thomas Nugent
SJ8185 : Terminal Road North by Gerald England
SJ8184 : Runway Visitor Park, Manchester Airport by David Dixon
SJ8385 : Landing at Manchester by Gerald England
SJ8285 : Manchester Airport car parks by Gerald England
SJ8185 : Airport roundabout by DS Pugh
SJ8185 : Melbourne Avenue by DS Pugh
SJ8184 : Manchester International Airport (Ringway) by David Dixon
SJ8285 : Manchester Airport Arch by Gerald England
SJ7981 : Manchester Airport Crash Gate #10 by Graham Hogg
SJ8284 : Manchester Airport (T3) Terminal Buildings by David Dixon
SJ8185 : Radisson Hotel, Manchester Airport by David Dixon
SJ8185 : Manchester Airport by Stephen McKay
SJ8184 : Manchester Airport by David Dixon
SJ8284 : Landing at Manchester by Andrew Tryon
SJ8185 : Outside Manchester Airport Transport Interchange by Gerald England
SJ8185 : Apron near Terminal 1 by DS Pugh

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