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One of the earliest mapped courses of the River Nene, from Peterborough to The Wash, was around Whittlesey Mere, through Benwick, March and Upwell, eventually joining The Well Stream at Outwell which flowed to the then coastal town of Wisbech. Over the centuries a straight channel was dug through the marshes north of Wisbech to the current outfall north of Sutton Bridge and the land on either side reclaimed. There are numerous visible sections of the old coastal banks on both sides of the River Nene north of Wisbech, see Link.
One of the earliest attempts to improve the flow of water from Peterborough to the coast and reduce flooding in the Fens was made by Bishop Morton who had a straight channel dug in the late 15th century from Peterborough to Wisbech known as Mortonís Leam, see Link In the early 1700s a new and much larger straight channel was dug from Peterborough to Wisbech called Smith's Leam, parallel to and just north of Mortonís Leam, to improve the flow of water from Peterborough to the sea. Mortonís Leam from Guyhirn to Wisbech was incorporated into Smithís Leam and the remainder of Mortonís Leam from Peterborough to Guyhirn became the main artery into and out of the Nene Washes which were created between Guyhirn and Peterborough.
Smithís Leam is now known as the River Nene and the original meandering river from Peterborough to Marmont Priory Lock in Upwell is now known as The River Nene (Old course), see Link.
by Richard Humphrey
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TL3491 : The River Nene (old course) at Benwick by Richard Humphrey
TF4925 : Vessels passing near Sutton Bridge lighthouses by Richard Humphrey
TF4925 : Riverside building by N Chadwick
TF4926 : Boat near the lighthouses north of Sutton Bridge by Richard Humphrey
TF4509 : The Brinks in Wisbech by Richard Humphrey
TL2687 : Bank Farm near Ramsey St Mary's by Richard Humphrey
TL2389 : Mooring at Old Decoy Farm by Richard Humphrey
TL4598 : Narrow boat heading towards March by Richard Humphrey
TF4926 : A flock of seagulls near the mouth of The River Nene by Richard Humphrey
TF4510 : The cargo boat SNOWLARK and its reflection in the River Nene, Wisbech by Richard Humphrey
TF4822 : Cargo vessel on the River Nene,  Port Sutton Bridge by Richard Humphrey
TL2799 : The River Nene in flood - The Nene Washes by Richard Humphrey
TF3903 : The River Nene from Guyhirn Bridge by Richard Humphrey
TL1998 : Historic railway bridge in Peterborough by Richard Humphrey
TF4509 : North Brink, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire by Richard Humphrey
TF3902 : Guyhirn Bridge crossing The River Nene by Richard Humphrey
TF4924 : Two calves by the River Nene by N Chadwick
TF4004 : The river bank at Guyhirn by Richard Humphrey
TF3902 : Guyhirn railway bridge - Columns on the north bank by Richard Humphrey
TF5103 : On the bank of The Well Creek aka The River Nene (old course) on the Outwell/Upwell border by Richard Humphrey
TF3602 : Is there gold in Rings End? by Richard Humphrey
TF4514 : Fishing boat north of Wisbech by Richard Humphrey
TL2799 : The River Nene and Dog in a Doublet sluice - The Nene Washes by Richard Humphrey
TL3694 : The River Nene (Old course) at Staffurth's Bridge by Richard Humphrey
TL4196 : On the town bridge in March by Richard Humphrey

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