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The Leeds and Liverpool Canal is the longest canal in Northern England at 127 miles long. The first of the trans-Pennine canals it took 46 years to build at a cost of five times the original budget, mainly because of the length and complexity of the route. It passes through 91 locks with a summit level of 487 feet at Foulridge near Nelson and Colne. It was originally conceived in the 18th century to carry woollen goods from Leeds and Bradford and limestone from Skipton but in its 19th century heyday it carried stone, coal and many other goods. The impact of the railways was not as great as with other canals and commercial traffic continued along the main canal until 1964. Regular work stopped in 1972 when the movement of coal to Wigan Power Station ceased. In the latter part of the 20th century the leisure potential of the canal was developed and it is now a popular destination for cruising, fishing, walking and cycling. See LinkExternal link for detailed information.
by Kate Jewell
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SD5209 : Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Appley Bridge by David Dixon
SD8538 : Loading Bay Canopy, Leeds and Liverpool Canal Warehouse, Nelson by David Dixon
SD5921 : Johnson's Hillock Lock#60 by David Dixon
SD8842 : Foulridge Wharf by David Dixon
SE2933 : Former Leeds and Liverpool Canal warehouse by Alan Murray-Rust
SD3710 : The Leeds and Liverpool Canal near Halsall by David Dixon
SD9254 : Leeds & Liverpool Canal by N Chadwick
SD8132 : Maden Fold Bridge by David Dixon
SE2137 : Lodge Bridge (disused) by Stephen Craven
SD9354 : Higherland Bridge No 170 by Mat Fascione
SD5607 : Martland Mill Bridge No 49 by Mat Fascione
SD8232 : Leeds and Liverpool Canal, East of Gannow Tunnel by David Dixon
SD5908 : Narrowboat Moored on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal near Sennicar Bridge by David Dixon
SD7832 : Shuttleworth Bridge, Leeds and Liverpool Canal by David Dixon
SD8132 : Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Rose Grove by David Dixon
SE1040 : Top of five rises by DS Pugh
SD9153 : Leeds & Liverpool Canal Lock 39 by N Chadwick
SD8847 : Pendle Way along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal by N Chadwick
SD5607 : Leeds and Liverpool Canal Towpath near Martland Mill Bridge by David Dixon
SD9152 : Narrowboat, Leeds & Liverpool Canal by N Chadwick
SD6123 : Leeds and Liverpool Canal Bridge#89 (Ollerton No 3) by David Dixon
SD9153 : Leeds & Liverpool Canal by N Chadwick
SD8437 : Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Lindred Bridge by David Dixon
SE1739 : Field Locks Bridge No 211A by Mat Fascione
SE0446 : Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Silsden by Mat Fascione

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