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M25, London Orbital Motorway

Officially named the London Orbital and frequently derided as nothing more than a very big car park, the M25 is a 117-mile orbital motorway that encircles London; one of the world's biggest ring roads (Europe's second longest orbital road after the Berliner Ring, which is 122 miles). It is not, however, a continuous loop of motorway as the Dartford Crossing section (comprising the Dartford Tunnels and the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge) over the Thames and its approach roads are designated as the A282.

Constructed between 1975 and 1986, the M25 is reputedly the most expensive motorway Britain ever built, costing a total of £909m or roughly £7.5m per mile, but at the time of its planning, the demand for the road was considerably underestimated so that when it was finally completed in 1986, it was already out of date. Demand outstripped capacity within a few years and ever since then it's been very heavily congested.

The M25 is one of the UK’s busiest motorways, carrying up to 200,000 vehicles and 10,000 HGVs per day (AADT - Annual Average Daily Traffic flow) on the section near to Heathrow Airport. Since its opening in the 1980s, the southern, western and eastern sections have been widened to largely dual four lane (D4M) standard, but much of the motorway retains its dual three lane road (D3M) cross-section as originally built.

The M25 was home to England's first Variable Speed Limits on motorways between the A3 and M4 in the early 1990s.

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by David Dixon

Created: Fri, 1 Nov 2013, Updated: Fri, 1 Nov 2013

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TQ0463 : Footbridge over the M25 near Addlestone by David Dixon
TQ1756 : M25 Footbridge by David Dixon
TQ0170 : Sign Gantry over the Clockwise M25 by David Dixon
TQ1458 : M25, Woodlands Park by David Dixon
TQ1956 : Variable Speed Limit, M25 by David Dixon
TL4500 : London Orbital Motorway (M26) near to Theydon Bois by David Dixon
TQ1358 : Motorway Services Ahead by David Dixon
TQ5693 : M25, London Orbital Motorway, near to South Weald by David Dixon
TQ1756 : Footbridge over the M25 near Leatherhead by David Dixon
TQ0463 : Variable Speed Limit Signals on the M25 by David Dixon
TQ2552 : Clockwise M25, Bridges at Reigate Hill (Junction 8) by David Dixon
TL1803 : London Orbital Motorway (M25) at Junction 22 (Bell Roundabout) by David Dixon
TQ0267 : Rail Bridge over the M25 by David Dixon
TQ2552 : Flyover at Reigate Hill, Anti-clockwise M25 by David Dixon
TQ5884 : Sign Gantry over the M25 near to North Ockendon, by David Dixon
TQ1458 : M25 Anti-clockwise by David Dixon
TQ0562 : Signal Gantry, M25 by David Dixon
TL2102 : London Orbital Motorway near South Mimms by David Dixon
TQ0859 : Sliproad to A3 from M25 Junction 10 by David Dixon
TQ0561 : Parvis Road Bridge over the M25 by David Dixon
TQ0383 : M25, Mansfield Farm Bridge by David Dixon
TQ1157 : M25 near Cobham Services by David Dixon
TQ3252 : Anti-clockwise M25 by David Dixon
TQ0168 : M25 Anti-clockwise, Thorpe Interchange by David Dixon
TQ3153 : Sign Gantry at Merstham Interchange, Clockwise M25 by David Dixon

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