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images in cluster Information Board in TG2105

Image clustering - assigning images labels - is an automated process, based on the image title/description. It's not totally accurate, and can sometimes assign images to odd clusters

nothing to display at this time. Perhaps the images have since been reclustered differently.

For now can try a keyword search in this square

Other Automatic clusters in TG2105

  1. Harford Hills
  2. River Yare
  3. Marston Lane
  4. Keswick Mill
  5. Marston Marshes in Flood
  6. Path
  7. Near
  8. Pasture
  9. King Alfred's Cakes Daldinia Concentrica
  10. Danby Wood Nature Reserve
  11. Partially Flooded
  12. Gate
  13. Path in Danby Wood
  14. Jew's Ear Fungi Auricularia Auricula-judae
  15. Looking Similar to Deers' Antlers
  16. High Water in the River Yare
  17. Year but Mainly
  18. Autumn Colours
  19. Trees of the Plum and Cherry Family
  20. Nectria Cinnabarina Coral Spot
  21. Ancient
  22. Seen from Marston Lane
  23. Wider View of This Location
  24. Ditch
  25. Currently Partially Flooded Due to High Water
  26. Jelly Fungus are Orange Jelly and Orange
  27. Purple Arrows Mark the Way
  28. Fungi Trametes Versicolor
  29. Near Norwich
  30. Leading to Eaton
  31. Railway Bridge over the River Yare
  32. Disused Pit in Danby Wood
  33. Local Nature Reserve
  34. Southern Edge
  35. Past Keswick Mill
  36. Narrow Passage
  37. Near Keswick Mill
  38. Harford Bridge
  39. Zig-zag Course
  40. Information Board by the Entrance
  41. Housing Estate
  42. Footpath Marker
  43. Old Willow
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