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Submit Step 1 of 4 : Choose grid square

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If you enter the exact location, e.g. TL 246329 we'll figure out that it's in the TL 2432 1km square, but we'll also retain the more precise coordinates for accurately mapping the location of the photograph.

When you press Next, we'll find out if there are any existing photographs for that square

If you're new, you may like to check our guide to geographing first.

Begin by choosing the grid square for which you wish to submit.

Note: this should be the location of the primary subject of the photo; specify the photographer location in the next step.


· (OS Maps not available for Ireland)

If you are unsure of the photo location there are a number of online sources available to help:

Submit Step 2 of 4 : Upload photo for TQ7040

Please avoid submitting images with overlaid text or borders; they should be cropped before submission. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

You should only submit photos you have taken yourself, or those for which you have been licensed to act by the original author.

We currently have 84 images uploaded for TQ7040External link, add yours now!

(upload photos larger than 640px - upto 8Mb filesize About)

Marks the Subject

Marks the Photographer
Copy from Subject


(photographer facing)

Drag the circles from the green box!

Centre the blue circle on the subject and mark the camera position with the black circle. The circle centre marks the spot. Enlarge Map

Submit Step 3 of 4 : Check photo

Below is a full-size preview of the image we will store for grid reference TQ7040.

Is the image a "geograph"?

If you're the first to submit a proper "geograph" for TQ7040 you'll get a geograph point added to your profile and the warm glow that comes with it.

So what makes an image a genuine geograph?

  • The image subject and the photographer must both be within the grid square TQ7040.
  • You must clearly show at close range one of the main geographical features within the square.
  • You should include a short description relating the image to the map square.
  • The image should be a natural image as a human would see it, please avoid digitally altering the image to add dates, texts etc, or creating montages, similarly turn off date stamping performed by a camera. A little tweaking of brightness/contrast and/or cropping is fine and encouraged.

Good quality, visually appealing and historically relevant pictures (eg wide area views covering many square kilometres) may also be accepted as supplemental images for TQ7040 provided they are accurately located, but may not qualify as geographs.

  • We welcome many Geograph or Supplemental images per square, so even if you don't get the point, you are still making a valuable contribution to the project.

If you like, you can provide more images or extra information (which can be edited at any time) but to activate a square you need to be first to meet the criteria above!

Reopen Map in a popup (and view list of placenames)
Open TQ7040 PageExternal link

Title and Comments

Please provide a short title for the image, and any other comments about where it was taken or other interesting geographical information. (Open Style GuideExternal link)

Shared Descriptions/References (Optional)

TIP: use [[TQ7506]] to link to a Grid Square or [[54631]] to link to another Image.
For a weblink just enter directly like:

Further Information

Categories have changed! Read More

(tick as many as required, hover over name for a description, more)


Natural environment

Human use

Human habitat


Tags (Optional)

[ Use Date ]

(please provide as much detail as possible, if you only know the year or month that's fine)

Submit Step 4 of 4 : Confirm image rights

Because we are an open project we want to ensure our content is licensed as openly as possible and so we ask that all images are released under a Creative CommonsExternal link licence, including accompanying metadata.

With a Creative Commons licence, the photographer keeps the copyright but allows people to copy and distribute the work provided they give credit.

Since we want to ensure we can use your work to fund the running costs of this site, and allow us to create montages of grid images, we ask that you allow the following

  • The right to use the work commercially
  • The right to modify the work to create derivative works

Here is the Commons Deed outlining the licence termsExternal link

As part of the licence it's important that the 'Original Author' or Photographer is correctly attributed, use this section to apply the appropriate credit to the photographer.

Use this option when you as the 'Geograph Account Holder', also took the photo.
- or -
Make this my new default from now on

If you do not agree with these terms, click "I do not agree" and your upload will be abandoned.

If you agree with these terms, click "I agree" and your image will be stored in grid square TQ7040.

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