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ST3847 : St Mark's Church  by Sofia St Mark's Church by Sofia
for square ST3847
St Mark's Church was built in April 1268 as The Church of the Holy Cross.... (more)
Tags: period:1260sX   date:1268X   period:1400sX   date:1407X   period:1520sX   date:1524X   period:15th CenturyX   period:1790sX   date:1794X   period:1850sX   date:1853X   period:1930sX   date:1939X   Andr?X   AprilX   April 1268X   BelgiumX   Bruges   CathedralX   ChoirX   ChurchX   type:Close LookX   MarkX   former:Market CrossX   top:Religious SitesX   SculptorX   SculptureX   SedgemoorX   county:SomersetX   St Marks ChurchX   St Salvators CathedralX   The Church of the Holy CrossX   top:Village, Rural SettlementX   Wooden SculptureX  
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