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SD5805 : Rectors of Wigan by Gerald England Rectors of Wigan by Gerald England
for square SD5805
The list reads: 1199 Ranulph 1235 Robert de Dunolm 1242 John... (more)
Tags: date:1199X   date:1235X   date:1242X   date:1265X   date:1292X   date:1303X   date:1334X   date:1344X   date:1350X   date:1359X   date:1362X   date:1370X   date:1415X   date:1432X   date:1451X   date:1485X   date:1504X   date:1506X   date:1519X   date:1528X   date:1532X   date:1535X   date:1543X   date:1550   date:1551X   date:1553X   date:1554X   date:1569X   date:1571X   date:1604X   date:1616X   date:1643X   date:1653X   date:1662X   date:1668X   date:1673X   date:1686X   date:1689X   date:1703X   date:1714X   date:1741X   date:1759X   date:1776X   date:1790X   date:1833X   date:1864X   date:1896X   date:1922X   date:1936X   date:1946X   date:1954X   date:1964X   date:1975X   date:2004X   person:Adam De WaltonX   person:Arthur FinchX   person:Charles HothamX   person:Cuthbert Carroll ThicknesseX   person:Edward FinchX   person:Edward FleetwoodX   person:Frank L. M. BennettX   person:George BridgemanX   person:George HallX   person:George Thos. Orlando BridgemanX   person:Gerard MassieX   person:Guy FairfaxX   person:Henry John GunningX   type:InsideX   person:James BradshawX   person:James De LangtonX   person:John BridgemanX   person:John De CravenX   person:John De LangtonX   person:John De WinwickX   person:John HerbertX   person:John LangtonX   person:John MaunsellX   person:John PearsonX   person:John Raymond ParkX   person:John StandishX   person:John WilkinsX   person:Kenneth Malcolm ForrestX   person:Nicholas StratfordX   person:Nicholas TowneleyX   person:Oliver De LangtonX   person:RanulphX   person:Raymond John HutchinsonX   Rectors BoardX   top:Religious SitesX   person:Richard De LangtonX   person:Richard GerardX   person:Richard KyghleyX   person:Richard LangtonX   person:Richard SmythX   person:Richard WyottX   person:Robert De ClyerhauX   person:Robert De DunolmX   person:Robert De LostockX   person:Roger BridgemanX   person:Roland George MatthewX   person:Samuel AlderseyX   person:Shirley CotesX   person:Thomas CartwrightX   person:Thomas LangtonX   person:Thomas LinacreX   person:Thomas StanleyX   person:Walter De CampedenX   person:William BlackleachX   person:William De LangtonX   person:William Ord Hunter RodwellX  
SP3379 : Old Grammar School Plaque by David Dixon Old Grammar School Plaque by David Dixon
for square SP3379
Plaque on the wall of SP3379 : The Old Grammar School (St John's Hospital) THE OLD GRAMMAR SCHOOL (ST JOHN'S... (more)
Tags: date:1340X   date:1550   date:1615X   date:1620X   date:1885X   top:City, Town CentreX   top:Historic Sites and ArtefactsX   PlaqueX  
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