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Prefix: datestone    Tag:  1912  
Other tags: 1912     date:1912     year:1912    

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TF3023 : Datestone by Bob Harvey Datestone by Bob Harvey
for square TF3023
Datestone for 1912 on TF3023 : Colmer House
Tags: datestone:1912   date:1912   subject:Carved StoneX   type:Close LookX   DateX   top:Flat LandscapesX   top:Housing, DwellingsX   top:Village, Rural SettlementX  
TF0920 : Replacement for datestone by Bob Harvey Replacement for datestone by Bob Harvey
for square TF0920
The original datestone on this house (TF0920 : 35 & 37 Meadowgate) was lost in repairs, and... (more)
Tags: date:1912   datestone:1912   top:City, Town CentreX   DatestoneX   period:Early 20th CenturyX   top:Housing, DwellingsX   top:LowlandsX   subject:PlaqueX   housing:Semi DetachedX  
NY6820 : Appleby Post Office by Christine Johnstone Appleby Post Office by Christine Johnstone
geograph for square NY6820
Built in 1912, at the junction of Boroughgate and High Wiend.
Tags: datestone:1912   place:ApplebyX   top:City, Town CentreX   top:CommunicationsX   type:GeographX   subject:Post OfficeX   Red Sandstone BuildingX   building material:SandstoneX   building material:Stone and SlateX   WiendX  
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