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SD5805 : Rectors of Wigan by Gerald England Rectors of Wigan by Gerald England
for square SD5805
The list reads: 1199 Ranulph 1235 Robert de Dunolm 1242 John... (more)
Tags: date:1199X   date:1235X   date:1242X   date:1265X   date:1292X   date:1303X   date:1334X   date:1344X   date:1350X   date:1359X   date:1362X   date:1370X   date:1415X   date:1432X   date:1451X   date:1485X   date:1504X   date:1506X   date:1519X   date:1528X   date:1532X   date:1535X   date:1543X   date:1550X   date:1551X   date:1553X   date:1554X   date:1569X   date:1571X   date:1604X   date:1616X   date:1643X   date:1653X   date:1662X   date:1668X   date:1673X   date:1686X   date:1689X   date:1703X   date:1714X   date:1741X   date:1759X   date:1776X   date:1790X   date:1833X   date:1864X   date:1896X   date:1922X   date:1936X   date:1946X   date:1954X   date:1964X   date:1975X   date:2004X   person:Adam De WaltonX   person:Arthur FinchX   person:Charles HothamX   person:Cuthbert Carroll ThicknesseX   person:Edward FinchX   person:Edward FleetwoodX   person:Frank L. M. BennettX   person:George Bridgeman   person:George HallX   person:George Thos. Orlando BridgemanX   person:Gerard MassieX   person:Guy FairfaxX   person:Henry John GunningX   type:InsideX   person:James BradshawX   person:James De LangtonX   person:John BridgemanX   person:John De CravenX   person:John De LangtonX   person:John De WinwickX   person:John HerbertX   person:John LangtonX   person:John MaunsellX   person:John PearsonX   person:John Raymond ParkX   person:John StandishX   person:John WilkinsX   person:Kenneth Malcolm ForrestX   person:Nicholas StratfordX   person:Nicholas TowneleyX   person:Oliver De LangtonX   person:RanulphX   person:Raymond John HutchinsonX   Rectors BoardX   top:Religious SitesX   person:Richard De LangtonX   person:Richard GerardX   person:Richard KyghleyX   person:Richard LangtonX   person:Richard SmythX   person:Richard WyottX   person:Robert De ClyerhauX   person:Robert De DunolmX   person:Robert De LostockX   person:Roger BridgemanX   person:Roland George MatthewX   person:Samuel AlderseyX   person:Shirley CotesX   person:Thomas CartwrightX   person:Thomas LangtonX   person:Thomas LinacreX   person:Thomas StanleyX   person:Walter De CampedenX   person:William BlackleachX   person:William De LangtonX   person:William Ord Hunter RodwellX  
SD5805 : Memorial to George Bridgeman by Gerald England Memorial to George Bridgeman by Gerald England
for square SD5805
George Bridgeman died October 27th, 1832 aged 68, He was rector for 42 years.
Tags: date:1832X   type:Close LookX   person:George Bridgeman   type:InsideX   Memorial PlaqueX   top:Religious SitesX  
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