Free High Resolution Landscape Photos of Britain and Ireland

Geograph provide this Feed/API of high resolution images, so that developers can get a free collection of high quality images for use in apps and websites. The Creative Commons licence allows easy reuse of Geograph Images, the feed provides a pre-stamped image including suitable attribution, so can just display the provided image directly in application. Can use the form below to try out different combinations of filters etc, to get varied selections. Please try to cache the feed (say for 24 hours) to avoid calling it too often, but welcome to directly link the high resolution images as provided. Please try to use the URLs exactly as provided in feed.

View JSON:

Feed URL: ()

These are low resolution 640px previews, the feed provides the high resolution image URL! Can omit the format param, to get Media RSS/XML format but JSON is recommended.
The "New Image Every Day" selection aims to showcase a new image every day, the feed includes the last five days. The first is typically that days images. Sometimes (particullically if add lots of filters), there may not be a image that day, so the day before reused.
The "Fresher" selection aims to provide a more varied selection, shuffling around more regually, whereas the normal highest rated is very slow to change.

If want to download a image below, right click and select 'Save link as...' (or similar), if use 'save image as', will just save the small thumbnail.

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